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Andres Apaza Ccapa

He was born in the Q’eros Community known to historians as (the last ayllu inka)
Don Andres is a shaman, teacher, Andean priest or paqo (pampamisayuq) comes from a line of Andean masters of the Qeros Nation who were chosen by his APUS (sacred mountains) through ceremonies known as KARPAY which means transferring the power of the master (paqo) to a disciple who receives power in the highest mountains.
Don Andres practices the Quechua language that was spoken by the Inkas, is 60 years old with ceremonies of healing and spiritual healing, mental and body, practicing and following his millennial rituals of the Q’eros the Apus Community (Sacred Mountains) pachamama (mother earth), understood as the Andean worldview.

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