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All products are originally handmade by the indigenous artisans of the Q’ero community of the High Andes of Peru.

The art has thousands of years and represents the relationship of humanity with the cosmos, patterns that are like software for our modern technology, except that they represent the place of humanity in the universe and how we influence and co-create our existence within the universe. Irregularities can present themselves as is normal with products made by humans.

These details make these handmade products more interesting and unique like the people who created them with love. We cannot make refunds or exchanges because it is not feasible to travel to the Q’ero community and cover these additional international postal fees. However, we are very grateful for your understanding and support of this ancient tradition and way of life of the community. All charges will appear as Whole Earth Engineering, Inc. Munay Sonqo.

Handmade by Q´eros People

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