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Arequipa City Tour, Half a Day Tour

Arequipa City Tour, Half a Day Tour

Half a Day Tour from $ USD 55.00

Arequipa City Tour, Half a Day Tour

Half a Day Tour from $ 55 | Arequipa City Tour, Half a Day Tour 2 Days/1Nights

| Min Altitude: 2200msnm (3545 fasl) | Max Altitude: 2200msnm (3545 fasl)
Price From
$ USD 55.00
Half a Day Tour
Group Size
Min 2 / Max 10
Physical Level


This tours leaves at 09.00 in the morning and 14.30 in the afternoon. You will visit in the Yanahuara suburb the main square, church and viewpoint. In the centre of Arequipa you visit the San Francisco square, the Santa Catalina convent , the plaza the Armas and the Church of Compania de Jesus. INCLUDES: – Entrance tickets. – Transport. – Professional guide.

There are many things to do in Arequipa! The White City of Peru is not only the base to visit the Colca Canyon, but also has great food and a handful of beautiful tourist sites.

A Unesco World Heritage Site since 2000, we found it beautiful and different from the rest of the country. Quiet and with a small historic center, we believe it is possible to visit it in one day.

Its colonial-style Plaza de Armas, the beautiful monastery of Santa Catalina and even an authentic mummy are waiting for you… Are you coming to visit the best places to see in Arequipa?

Founded by the Spaniards in the mid-sixteenth century, it was the capital of the country for almost 50 years after the independence of Peru. Today, it is the second most populated city (with more than 1 million inhabitants) and economically important.

Arequipa is in a very active seismic zone; in fact, when we went, there had just been an earthquake in the Colca Canyon… On the other hand, being at a relatively low altitude (2300 meters), its mild and sunny climate contrasts greatly with the Andean area. You will surely notice the difference.

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The “Panoramic Bus Tour” also known as Panoramic Mirabus or Bus Tour, is a tourist tour that takes place in Arequipa. We will be accompanied by a guide who will give us detailed explanations of all the points of our itinerary. We will enjoy the second floor of the mirabus to have a better view of all the tourist attractions of the city of Arequipa, we can get off the bus at the following points:

First point will be the District of Yanahuara where we can take pictures in the famous Portales de Yanahuara with the background of the Misti volcano, we will also see the church of this traditional district. In this place they sell the traditional ice cheese, which is a typical dessert of Arequipa, its unique flavor is a must taste.

Then we go to the second point which will be the Mirador de Carmen Alto, there you can see the terraces of the district and also the three volcanoes that we have in Arequipa, the Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu.

Then we move to the third point that will be the Minizoológico of Incalpaca, the entrance is free and we will be able to appreciate the four South American camelids (Llama, Alpaca, Vicuña and Guanaco).

Our next fourth point is the Palacio de Goyeneche; it is a colonial mansion, now converted into a museum, which houses important relics of history, from various parts of the world collected over time. Admission is optional but recommended.

Our next fifth point is the Mansion of the Founder; it is a colonial mansion, now converted into a museum, which houses important relics of the history of the city of Arequipa. Admission is optional but recommended given the historical richness it houses.

Finally we will visit the sixth point which will be the Sabandia Mill inside which is working water mill and also a minizoologico that houses a particular way a fighting bull called terminator, which can scratch the back. The entrance is optional, if you want to stay outside you can find optional activities such as horseback riding, ATV ride, Zipline, and also taste typical Arequipa food.

Then we will return to the center of the city of Arequipa to which we will be arriving in 45 minutes approximately.

What to Bring

  • Water bottle
  • Original passport
  • Local money
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Batteries
  • Warm jacket
  • Camera
  • Light clothes for the morning or warm clothes for the afternoon according to the instructions of the travel agency.


  • Passport and entrance tickets: For the Arequipa City Tour, it is important to carry your passport and entrance tickets. In addition, it is very important to have an original and valid passport.
  • Climate: In Arequipa, summers are short, comfortable, arid and partially cloudy and winters are short, cool, dry and cloudy. During the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 9 °C to 23 °C and rarely drops below 7 °C or rises above 25 °C.
  • Recommended attire: Light clothing for the morning and warm clothes for the evening, depending on the season, consider sunny, cloudy and rainy days.
  • Availability: Every day of the week

Pricing List

Private Service
Number of persons Price per person
1 Persons $ USD 55.00 Inquire Now

Faqs Arequipa City Tour, Half a Day Tour

What type of transportation is used for this tour?

The entire tour is done in a panoramic double-decker bus, where you will visit part of the Arequipa countryside.

Can I pay for the trip the same day I get on the bus?

No, it is not possible; to reserve seats on the bus, it is advisable to make a reservation up to 01 day before the service to avoid inconveniences later on.

Can I reserve seats on the second floor of the bus?

Yes, the tour is usually done from the second floor of the bus to have a better view throughout the tour; if you are traveling with older adults or newborn children, we recommend that you do so on the second floor.

Can children sit in the first row on the second floor of the bus?

Children over 12 years old can sit in the first row for safety and child protection reasons.

From what age do children pay?

Children pay starting at age 5, as they are assigned an individual seat. Children under 5 years of age are exempt from paying as long as they are seated on an adult’s lap; if they wish to have their own seat, they pay the normal rate.

Is it compulsory to pay an entrance fee at the places that require it?

Entrance to the Carmen Alto, La Mansión del Fundador and Molino de Sabandía is optional and, if you opt for entrance, you pay the entrance fee upon arrival at each point; in general, most people enter the Carmen Alto because the entrance is general admission; in the case of La Mansión del Fundador and Molino de Sabandía, these are museum-type attractions for knowledge and learning; if you are a history buff, it is certainly advisable to enter these attractions.

Does the tourist bus have toilets?

The bus does not have toilets, but at each stop you can use the toilets on site.

How long can we stop at each point of the tour?

At the first points, which are the Mirador de Yanahuara and Carmen Alto, you have about 15-20 minutes; at the following points, such as Incalpaca, the Casa del Fundador and the Molino de Sabandía, you have about 30 minutes; as long as you decide to enter the attractions, it depends on what the group decides and in coordination with the guide on duty. Normally, when no one wants to enter the Founder’s Mansion, the visit continues to the Sabandía Mill and on the way there is a brief stop at the Menelik Bull Museum (representative bull of Arequipa); this is an optional visit since it is not part of the tour and is charged S/. 6.00 per person. It is important to note that the visit to the Menelik Bull Museum only takes place when no one wants to enter the founder’s mansion.

Is it worth visiting the founder’s manor house and the Sabandía mill?

It depends very much on the purpose of the visit; these attractions are large house museums that contain important facts about the history of our city; if you want to know more, you should definitely visit these places because they contain very interesting facts to learn.

Will you pick me up at the hotel?

We will not pick you up at the hotel, the pick-up point is at the main square, where we will gather the group and take you three blocks away from the bus stop.

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